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    We are delighted to be able to share with you, the news that with effect from Friday 6 August 2021, the new owners of KL2 are 365 Response Ltd; an innovative digital software solutions business based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

    365 Response Ltd
  • Meals on wheels administration software

    A browser-based application built on experience. From one server Meals2People can be used by any device connected to your network. Multiple kitchens? More than one delivery per client per day? We're already doing it.

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  • Modern meals software with proven record

    Customisation. Mobile. Client-side interface. All included. Want to modernise? We'll transfer you from SMARTT for free.

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  • Platform agnostic meals software

    Compatible with Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera on PC, Mac, Tablet and Mobile. Zero footprint. Easy to support.

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  • Passenger transport software

    Plan to save money. Savings are made by good organisation and planning. Get more out of your transport software.

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  • Route optimisation software

    If you've ever asked "What if?" OptimiZer is the answer. Transport of many passengers to many sites? No problem. Meals delivery from multiple kitchens? Easy.

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  • Established 1993

    We've been creating and supporting software for our customers for over twenty years. Up to the moment technology with decades of experience. Software that delivers.

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We are delighted to be able to share with you, the news that with effect from Friday 6 August 2021, the new owners of KL2 are 365 Response Ltd; an innovative digital software solutions business based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. 365 Response supply digital platform solutions including digital transport management systems, digital transport marketplaces and social prescribing software for the NHS, Local Authorities and private businesses in the UK.

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Our Clients

Ballyroan Community & Youth Centre
Borough of Poole
The London Borough of Bromley
Bury Metropolitan Borough Council
Caerphilly County Borough Council
Cardiff Council
Custom Lunches
Elmbridge District Council
Fife Council
GS Plus
Hackney Learning Trust
Halton Borough Council
Havering London Borough Council
Leeds City Council
Luton Borough Council
Merton London Borough Council
North Lincolnshire Council
Nottingham City Council
Portsmouth City Council
Oldham Council
Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council
Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council
The Smile Brigade
Spelthorne Borough Council
St. Jude's Care
Sutton London Borough Council
Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council
Tower Hamlets London Borough Council
Trafford Council
Twyn Community Hub
Wigan Council
West Norfolk Community Transport
Wolverhampton City Council

What our customers say about us

Tower Hamlets London Borough Council

"The London Borough of Tower Hamlets Transport Services has been using the Transys software for nearly fifteen years. Working with KL2 to develop and shape the software that continues to support our service in acting as a one stop shop for the data of clients, staff, resources and the scheduling of routes. Features of which allow complex routing to done by staff with little knowledge of scheduling using an intuitive layout and functions that require very little computer literacy. I have always found the staff at KL2 to be extremely helpful in listening to new ideas and suggestions and finding solutions for problems as new features and upgrades are made. I would have no hesitation in recommending the software and their services to any potential new user."

- Lee Perry,
former Passenger Operations Manager, London Borough of Tower Hamlets.
Wolverhampton City Council

"I have worked with KL2 for a good many years now using their old and new [meals] systems. I have always found all the staff very friendly and helpful when stuck with an issue or a problem, they are always happy to help either over the phone with a problem, or if not will assist remotely. They always get back to us quickly and explain things in simple terms. I think the team is very approachable and easy to speak to. The M2P system is very user friendly and easy to navigate. It really is a pleasure to use and when showing and training new users is easy to show them how the system works. The system makes it quicker and easy to put on new client information, the updates and changes of the menu’s are a lot easier and quicker. The reports are easy to run and easy to see at a glance the client information on the first screen. You are able to cover different reports to generate and find out statistics and information on any clients and rounds. The overall system works well for us and all the team that use it. I would recommend anyone or company to use KL2 and their M2P system."

- Jane Shakespeare,
Meals on Wheels Administrator, City of Wolverhampton Council.
Sutton London Borough Council

"Of the several IT systems that we use every day, KL2's is, by the far most user friendly. Since 1999 we have been using their systems and now use Meals2People and TransysCF. One of the things that has most impressed us is KL2's excellent reporting facility. Rather than having to trawl through endless spreadsheets, we save an enormous amount of time simply by running one of the many available reports. We have trained many staff in the use of both systems and have received positive feedback from them all. Whenever I have needed to contact KL2's staff they have always proved to be extremely helpful and efficient and have managed to solve any IT problems speedily. As a result of my experience with KL2, I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other organisations. "

- Kate Sohanpal, Coordinator
Concessionary Travel & Meals on Wheels, Sutton London Borough Council.

"We have been using Transys for over ten years, for the day to day operation of the home to school/college SEN transport. The technical support that we receive from KL2 staff is second to none. If we have a problem they take ownership of our call and it is rectified as soon as possible, which is usually within 24hours of our call. We use the system extensively on a daily basis and I think the team would revolt if I suggested taking it away. Richard and the team have worked with us to develop the system to meet our requirements. No system is perfect, but I would have no qualms recommending Transys."

- Lynne Barry,
Head of Operational Services, Bury Council.

"I have been using the Transys System supplied by KL2 since the beginning of 2008. The system has halved my work load and the KL2 team have been excellent responding to any of my faults, queries and training. The team responded promptly to expand the system to further meet my needs in 2013."

- Sharon Day,
Senior Passenger Transport Co-ordinator, Transportation Services, Borough of Poole.
West Norfolk Community Transport

"We have had Transys for over a year now to assist us with our Dial-a-Bus, Flexibus, Volunteer car and Social Services transport provision. The system is really easy to use, it can automatically plan the journey for you, which means that it can save you time and vehicles. The team at KL2 are very helpful and friendly, if we need any changes on the system they are more than willing to make them to ensure that it continues to work for us."

- Fiona Matchett,
West Norfolk Community Transport.

"TranSys from Kappa Lambda Squared (KL2) was the preferred software chosen after detailed appraisal of five suppliers."

- Paul Beecham,
Community Transport Magazine Mar/Apr 2004 Issue

"Staff find KL2 systems the most user friendly of the many systems used in their working day."

- Pam Norton,
Former Manager, Meals, Freedom Passes and Taxi cards, Sutton LBC

"It [The Meals System] has turned what would have been a long time trawling through information, into a task that can be done in minutes."

- Derek Johnson,
NACC, Principal Catering Manager, National Association of Care Catering (NACC) Chair

Our products


Route optimisation

Route optimisation and automated route planning software for passenger transport and meals delivery.

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Browser-based Meals on Wheels software solution for the complete administration of any Meals on Wheels delivery service.

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Regular passenger transport

Regular passenger transport

Passenger transport software solution for education, social care and mainstream school regular passenger transport.

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Community Transport

Community Transport

Community transport software for optimising resources in the volunteer transport sector.

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Private hire

Private hire

Increase revenue by selling spare capacity on your vehicles.

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Dial a ride

Dial a ride

Dial-a-Ride transport software for making the most of available resources.

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