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About the Company

KL2 are professional IT consultants and producers of computer software applications and software solutions. Working in all aspects of Information Technology planning, development, management, production and implementation of high quality, high technology software, many projects have been taken from idea to mission critical application on time and within budget.

Software with pedigree

With considerable knowledge in the business data communications arena, KL2 have produced many client server applications working over both local and wide area networks as well as implementing corporate networking strategies for a number of high profile companies.

Established in 1993 by Malcolm Gregory, Kappa Lambda Squared Limited was set up to support mission critical software for local authorities in Kent. Customer support has always been our primary focus and we have taken that ethos forward with every project since.

KL2 developed the Meals on Wheels software package in 1999 and have evolved the software for each new customer. The company entered the transport software arena in 2000, creating a basic transport software package to meet the needs of an existing customer and expanded this to take a firm foothold in the market.

KL2 has been producing quality software that we are proud to support, for over two decades.

This website has been here in various incarnations since 1997 and in 2007 we created a dedicated customer support website to offer greater functionality and service.

Looking to the future, KL2 has already developed two successful browser-based applications and we are pushing our products and the technologies we use forward to make efficient, user-friendly software that requires the minimum of fuss to install, train and implement.

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