Browser-based Meals on Wheels Software



Quick Overview

Browser-based Meals on Wheels software solution for the complete administration of any Meals on Wheels delivery service.

Product Description

Meals2People is based on more than ten years of experience serving the software requirements of meals and passenger transport providers. We looked at all the objectives meal providers required in a software system, plus the added experience with passenger transport scheduling and re-built our existing system into a new package as a total solution. This has given us the ability to design and produce a new software solution that catered for all those requirements from the outset and more.

Product Highlights

  • Browser based.
  • Dynamic data management through the front panel.
  • Money management and accounting.
  • Stock control.
  • Resource management.
  • Route optimisation.
  • Customisable appearance.
  • Easy to use - online help with over three hundred illustrated help-slides built into the pages of the system.
  • Multiple services and multiple deliveries possible for each client.
  • Intelligent meal substitution.
  • Compatible with tablets and PCs.
  • Reporting with multiple styles for reports, exports to PDF, CSV and XML for exports.
  • Fully customisable group-level permissions for security within the system.
  • LDAP integration for user-security where required.
  • Supports multiple databases for a multi-customer or multi-borough operator.
  • Component dislikes, meal dislikes, dietry controls and allergen indicators.
  • Data API for integration with legacy systems
  • Modularisation of data for each kitchen - keep each kitchen's rounds and clients discrete if required.

Web technologies

Our new meals on wheels software, titled "Meals2People", is written using Microsoft’s latest web development platform and can be loaded onto any workstation or server within your network. What does that mean to the end user? In a nutshell, it allows you to sit at any workstation with a web browser and operate the system. Any browser equipped device, from a smartphone or tablet, to a laptop or desktop workstation will run the software. That means no requirement for local installation! That means no matter how old or infirm your PC might be, if it has Internet Explorer 6 or later, you can use Meals2People!

Server Based

The system itself is installed on a web-server and utilises the scalable Microsoft SQL Server for data storage; you have only one installation to manage. Since all versions of Windows are web-server capable, this means you are not required to purchase expensive servers and software just to run the system – it can run on a single Windows PC.

Intelligent delivery

We have distinct operational modules within the new system to give greater flexibility in the administration and planning of the services you provide. For instance, the new system has delivery rounds as separate entities, with client deliveries assigned to the delivery routes on a day-by-day, hour-by-hour basis.
This means:-

  • Multiple deliveries in one day.
  • Different types of service delivered together. i.e. frozen weekend + Friday hot meal.
  • Mixed pricing for different clients on the same delivery. i.e. private / local authority deliveries together.
  • Different account payees for parts of delivery. i.e. local authority subsidised main meal + private tea funded by relative.

Independent route optimisation helps in making the most efficient use of available drivers and vehicles and means that any number of deliveries can be made on a given day, you are not just restricted to a single delivery at lunch time.

Menu automation

Menu management is structured with greater flexibility around diets, dislikes and multiple delivery states. Deliveries can be defined with multiple courses (main, sweet, tea, breakfast, etc.) and set an applicable cost at the delivery level. Where dietary restrictions or personal dislikes conflict, automatic selection of suitable alternatives takes place, minimising the work your staff have to carry out day to day. Menu personalisation is also very simple allowing for both regular and date specific alternative meals to be selected.

Delivery costs

Costs are applied within date ranges, so future pricing can be added in advance without impacting current delivery operation. Costs, rechargeable subsidy and client charge information are held to enable budget monitoring and client accounts, as well as exporting to external accounting systems.

Structured meal selection

You can either add a single choice for each day and week (in a cycle) or add multiple meal options, thereby offering meal selection. When defining a menu, you set out its various properties. The price band of the meals, the days of operation, course type and delivery state. You then add menu option filters to set how many menu items will be on the menu for each day. Filters define a preference to facilitate automatic selection and intelligent alternative course choice. This means you could put your entire days cook-list on a single menu and then filter it by the preference sub-sets you operate for your clients. The meals to be delivered are defined by service needs, of which a client can have as many as required. Need a lunch service, breakfast service and tea service for one client for the same period? Easy! Just have a service need for each delivery. Ad-hoc delivery can also be specified and meals requested whenever needed.

Stock control

With Meals2People, the system has a built-in stock control mechanism. The meal database is linked to the stock database of meals or components and usage is audited through the kitchen cook-list page. This also allows for the recording of actual versus planned usage and has the ability to record wastage and expired stock. Where stock isn't available, intelligent dated meal substitution will allow the kitchen to pick from items in stock which match the affected client's diet and preferences, minimising effort and disruption to service.

Resource management

A comprehensive database of staff and vehicles exists, which allows the management of your resources. Planning and recording staff leave, vehicle availability and other such functions are all available within the system. Delivery routes are managed as a collective week, but with data for each day, with the optimal itinerary, driver and vehicle. Meal management and transport are no longer bundled together, but are split into two efficient task sets, to obtain the best results for both.

Mobile delivery sheets

Frequently in the past, we have been asked for a more secure means of providing the drivers with delivery data than using paper round sheets. The mobile round sheets provide this option. Any smartphone, tablet or even iPod can be used for the delivery sheets. The device used is then secured with a PIN number. Using modern browser based technology, this page downloads your days delivery sheets to a device and holds the data there. When a network or internet connection becomes available, data may be posted back to your database. What does that mean? It means you are never reliant on 100% 3G/4G internet coverage, or even the necessity for mobile internet at all! You can sync a device, such as an iPad, in the office then go and deliver the meals and upload your data on return to base. Secure, efficient, easy to use and cheap to implement.

Client-side interface

The Meals2People system has a client-side interface named "MyMeals" which you can operate as a service to your clients. The client, or their carer, can access the system and input their meal selections, notify your staff when they take service holidays, specify dietary preferences and leave feedback. This feature can be customised and badged as your own, with your logo and colour scheme, including the features you choose. With an ever growing number of web-connected people in the population, this is an aspect of your service people will begin to expect.

Online service application and referrals

The Meals2People system also has an interface that allows applications for the Meals on Wheels service to be made by other departments, or externally by clients or their carer's. The applications are then held in a queue and processed by the Users of the main system, with progress relayed to the applicants by email.

Data API

The system has available, an API (Advanced Program Interface) that permits data to be added to the Meals2People system electronically direct from other systems within your network. This makes it possible to create referrals from other systems without any duplicate of effort for your staff.

Why not arrange a demonstration today?

The Meals2People system is a comprehensive meals on wheels software solution aimed at improving efficiency and lowering costs. If you are interested in seeing what this software can do for you, then why not contact us to arrange a demonstration?

Operating system Any with web browser application
SQL Server version 2005 or later
Web server Microsoft Internet Information Server 6 or later
Workstation prerequisites Web browser (IE, Opera, Safari, Firefox, Chrome) and a PDF viewer for reports
Active Directory Integration? YES - application is LDAP compatible