Browser-based Concessionary Fares Software

Concessionary Fares

Concessionary Fares

Quick Overview

Concessionary fares software for managing pass applications through a simple web based interface.

The TranSys Concessionary Fares module is a stock control and administration tool for the management of concessionary fare passes and taxi cards in large and small enterprises. This system is based on KL2’s successful TranSys database suite.

Product Description

The system runs from a single server computer on your local network and can be accessed by users from any PC on that network using just a web-browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla FireFox). Each user has their own security password which allows them access to the database and controls what they can do in the system.
TranSys CF makes use of Microsoft’s latest technologies, SQL (Sequel) Server 2005 and Active Server Pages .Net version 2.0.

What does it do for me?

TranSys CF is user-friendly and comprehensive without being too complicated.

  • It keeps full historical records of your client-base (previous passes, previous addresses, etc.).
  • Audits all incoming stock (pass numbers and physical location)
  • Audits the complete life span of each pass (issue, re-issue, return or replacement)
  • Maintains a taxi-card waiting list.
  • Produces control documents at time of issue.
  • Produces monthly stock reconciliations.
  • Has export and mail-merge facilities.
  • Prevents duplication of clients in the database.
  • Make use of GIS gazetteer data to speed up data entry and police out-of-borough pass issues.
  • Has a range of reports to audit data and prevent fraud.

What are the benefits

By keeping total control of all concessionary fares in your borough, you have a full and complete picture in one place with the ability to report on the information.

  • You save money by greatly reducing the amount of administration and the need for third parties.
  • You can keep hardware costs down, because the application has no requirements on the user’s workstation. You can run the system on any browser capable device. No windows or program updates are required. A user can roam from one workstation to another.
  • The system is a "thin-client" application. This means it causes very little network traffic and can be used across Internet connections (VPN) to remote locations, or even on laptops with 3G mobile phone network capability.
  • The system by instructing the user which pass to use prevents duplicated issues.
  • By tracking previous issues and using selection criteria the system prevents the wrong type of pass being issued.
  • Using many forms of auditing and validation the system will keep human error to a minimum.
  • Valuable pass stock can always be accounted for.
Operating system Any with web browser application
SQL Server version 2005 or later
Web server Microsoft Internet Information Server 6 or later
Workstation prerequisites Web browser (IE, Opera, Safari, Firefox, Chrome) and a PDF viewer for reports