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The Meals System

Quick Overview

Passenger transport software solution for education, social care and mainstream school regular passenger transport.

Product Description

TranSys, KL2's suite of transport software is built on Microsoft™ technologies utilising SQL server and Visual Studio. Our Regular Passenger Transport software module is the most comprehensive transport software solution in it's price bracket.

Product Highlights

  • Efficient Customer service
  • Precise Delivery and Accounting
  • Accurate Food Production and Stock Management
In order to maintain the highest levels of these, KL2 - a long established provider of local authority control solutions - has the answer for you in the form of our meals on wheels software package - "The Meals System".
Our easy to use software provides essential control and information, enabling users to work efficiently and to take the strain out of operational duties. With tools and functionality designed specifically for Meals on Wheels Providers, KL2 can enable control and automation where previously reliance was built around a few ‘in the know’ staff members.

Client database

Our meals on wheels software enables users to capture clients specific needs, documenting and detailing all of the essential information needed to provide an efficient service. Information such as name, address, contact details etc. can be recorded, along with more specialist information such as dietary requirements, dislikes and account payment frequency.
The Meals System meals on wheels software also makes use of mapping, whereby the client record is pinpointed using either gazetteer information or a search option via supplied street level mapping. This enables the  routing, scheduling and suggest functionality to advise on the most optimum delivery routes.
Every aspect of data required for the day to day management of clients and their requirements is recordable with The Meals System. It is also possible for information to be imported frequently from other council databases such as Care First, ensuring that smooth interaction between different systems.

Menu options and Menu Cycle Management

Our meals on wheels software allows users to set up and manage menus and menu cycles. As part of the service, KL2 can pre loaded the various menu/food choice options that will be offered to clients. Each menu can be linked to specific foods allowing ethnic, specialist and traditional food groups to be formed; this allows real client needs to be addressed, while reducing repetition.
Utilisation of the proprietary Menu Choice functions allows full customisation and choice to be offered to the client base. By profiling dietary needs and dislikes within the client records it is also possible to match client requirements against what is on offer to ensure that production and delivery is both suitable and liked by your client.
Our meals on wheels software allows for the full control of multiple menu cycles including weekend & bank holiday, plus seasonal variations.


The Meals System software allows users to profile the frequency and the way a client will settle their account. This information can be made available in report form or can be sent to hand held devices used specifically for cash collection. The accounts function keeps a running balance based on the set up of the service that is to be provided. This running balance is used in conjunction with the client payment profile to assist the service provider in the process of account settlement at the appropriate time.
There are also options for exporting transaction data to central accounting packages such as SAP, Agresso and Integra

Reporting and information flows

Our software allows numerous reports to be created based on the information stored within the database. Reports such as product and stock demand forecasts for the kitchens, cash collection manifests, round sheets etc can all be created and issued where appropriate. The reports section offers important and essential reports covering: -
  • Accounts
  • Admin
  • Clients
  • Cycle
  • Deliveries
  • Kitchens
  • Statistics

Cash collection

Collecting cash from clients can be a labour-intesive task. Our meals on wheels software has a number of features that allow the accounts process to be controlled and maintained. KL2 can also offer a PDA based cash collection system that can log client details, amounts owed, detail amounts collected and even print receipts for the client if this is an area of concern. Our meals on wheels software fully interacts with the KPR Meal Manager Software and provides a means of efficiently controlling the collection of money from clients with minimal errors, mistakes or possible accusations. The end of the day cashing up process is done automatically on the hand held unit which will log details of totals collected and whether cash or cheque payment was made. Our meals on wheels software will provide full audit trail analysis at the end of the round ensuring that full traceability and accountability is maintained.
The Meals System can be used to manage payments for weekly, daily and monthly paying clients and can manage and feed back into The Meals System software. Any nature of service related information such as meal refusal, complaints or late deliveries is also recorded and downloaded into the main database.
The device comes with a rugged impact and water resistant case making the whole system easy and practical to use whilst withstanding the rigours of meals operations. The availability of a ultra small belt mounted wireless printer allows the delivery staff to print receipts and leave calling cards without hassle ensuring that they can process the client and get on with the job.

Optional Services - OptimiZer

OptimiZer is a brand new service option aimed at all Meals Delivery service providers whether they are KL2 customers or not. Service OptimiZer is a KL2 in-house option for any organisation wishing to understand how to organise their rounds more effectively providing time and transport related savings. The resource information and client details are imported from your meals on wheels software database into our optimiser package, and then fed through our mass routing, scheduling and optimization programs in order to create newly formed rounds. These new rounds are optimised to provide the most effective way to complete delivery provision offering both time and financial savings.
Due to its specialist nature and in order to reduce the cost of this service KL2 only offer this package as a service. Our project management team meet with clients to research what you want to achieve and how you want the information to by provided back to you. We then take the project back to our offices and complete the work on your behalf.
Service OptimiZer can be used by any client, whether they are a Meals System software user or not, in order to find a better way to provide delivery round reorganisation. Whatever meals on wheels software you have, we can still help.
This service is also aimed at organisations tendering for contracts where information can be processed in order to give real statistical information in order to determine costs, exposure and resources required before a price is calculated making tendering a more certain experience.

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