Private Hire Management Software

Private hire


Quick Overview

Increase revenue by selling spare capacity on your vehicles.

Product Highlights

  • Quotation system.
  • Integrated invoicing.
  • Shared resource management.
  • Public Services Network Code of Connection (PSN CoCo) compliant.

Product Description

Many departments have a fleet of vehicles which carry out necessary transport in the morning and afternoon, but the vehicles and the staff that operate them are often left unused for a significant part of the working day.

The Private Hire module of the TranSys suite allows you to plan, manage and book the private hire of your vehicles and staff during their downtime, turning potential loss into profit.

All the data management functions of TranSys are present, including the resource manager and diary, enabling you to mesh into your existing TranSys database and prevent overbooking of resources.

You can manage quotations, track acceptance of quotes, assign resources and make invoices.

Operating system Windows 7 or later (32 or 64 bit)
SQL Server version 2005 or later
Minimum RAM required 2GB minimum
Disk space required 1.9GB free
Screen resolution 1024 x 768 pixels minimum