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Property link


Quick Overview

PropertyLink is a PC based property management system developed for use by Property Professionals.

Product Description

It makes full use of Windows GUI and users select functions using an integral Tab Bar. The tab bar keeps the context of the property being viewed (or Demise, or anything else for that matter) so that it is a simple matter of moving between tabs to find related demises, properties, leases or tenants.

Professional Property Management's features include:

  • Storing details about properties including acquisition, disposal details, valuations, insurance, solicitors and agents.
  • Storing related information about properties like, demises, head-leases, sub-leases, tenants and landlords.
  • Storing and managing charges for properties and raising regular or one off charges to be collected, or paid automatically.
  • Storing and managing events which occur for property related entities like break clauses on leases and reminding you of these events in advance. This includes a forward planning diary.
  • Interfacing to the SAGE finance package for comprehensive accounting. Talk to us if you need a different finance interface, we'll be happy to help.
  • Lots of reports and the option of a generalised report writer which allows you to extract data from PropertyLink for analysis.
  • Extensive administration facilities including property archiving.
Unavailable This legacy product is no longer sold