Route optimisation and automated route planning software



Quick Overview

OptimiZer is the latest product in the TranSys suite of applications. Aimed at all passenger transport providers whether they are KL2 customers or not. OptimiZer can also be purchased as service* from KL2 for any organisation wishing to organise their routes more effectively, providing time and transport related savings. KL2 take available resource information, client details, destination locations etc. and enter the details into our systems. The data is fed through our mass routing, scheduling and optimisation programs in order to create newly formed rounds. These new rounds will be optimised to provide the most effective way to complete transport provision offering both time and financial savings.

Product Description

Due to its specialist nature and in order to reduce the cost of this package, KL2's project management team meet with clients to research what you wish to achieve and how the information is to be provided back to you. We then take the project back to our offices and complete the work on your behalf.

Service OptimiZer can be used by any client whether they are a KL2 software user or not in order to find a better way to provide route reorganisation.

OptimiZer works with our TranSys SQL database and permits the user to view existing routes on the map, manipulating and building routes through a geographical interface. The software also has the ability to automatically create the optimal routes for either a fleet of vehicles, or the most econonical and optimal routes for the passengers required, thereby suggesting the size and capacity of the fleet you require.

The OptimiZer application is supplied with a plug-in which interfaces with KL2's Meals on Wheels software and so allows meal delivery rounds to be optimised on a frequent, even daily, basis.

* Data will need to be supplied with map reference information.

Product Highlights

  • Bulk optimised route production.
  • "What if?" scenario analysis.
  • Route visualisation.
  • Cost saving.
  • Public Services Network Code of Connection (PSN CoCo) compliant.
Operating system Windows 7 or later (32 or 64 bit)
SQL Server version 2005 or later
Minimum RAM required 2GB minimum
Disk space required 1.9GB free
Screen resolution 1024 x 768 pixels minimum