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Vehicle tracking


Quick Overview

KL2 offer GPS satellite tracking as an option for use with many of our software management solutions. Tailored to provide niche functionality relative to the operation in question, Fleet View becomes more than just GPS tracking.

Product Description

KL2’s Fleet View system provides important Real time GPS tracking allowing vehicle movements to be analysed on a frequent basis. User defined settings can allow GPS vehicle positions to be displayed on street level maps as often as every second however it is usual for clients to choose 30 second to 2 minute intervals depending on their requirements.

In a passenger transport environment this level of information can be essential when advising clients of vehicle ETA’s should a vehicle be running late. Whilst on the phone, system users can pinpoint the vehicles location  instantly without disrupting the driver.

Fleet View provides GPS positions in several ways: -
• After x amount of time (i.e. every 30 seconds)
• After x amount of distance (i.e. every 100m)
• After x amount of angular change (i.e. turning left at an island and passing 30° will prompt a GPS position
• When sensors are activated (i.e. door activity, bin lifts, gritting activation, brushing activity with sweepers etc)
• When other programmed activity is achieved.

This allows the Fleet View system to be programmed to deliver the data you need to suit your application and allows KL2’s project management team the ability to tailor configuration to suit clients needs rather than delivering unnecessary information.

Historical GPS tracking

In addition to live tracking Fleet View can also offer historical GPS tracking often know as audit trail or snail trail analysis. Vehicle movements can be downloaded for later analysis. This is often important should a complaint be made or if the vehicle runs late. Looking at the snail trail system users can see exactly what occurred, the route that was taken and the time management of events. This data allows for a honest view of proceedings and can be used to identify if the driver was at fault or weather the clients complaint was unfair.

KL2 system users have used historical GPS tracking in order to help improve routes, find bottle necks, identify persistent client punctuality issues and defend drivers against serious complaints. One council client of KL2’s had accusations raised against one of their social services drivers. The accusation resulted in police involvement as the driver was accused of attempted abduction. KL2’s system was used to prove that the vehicle was not in the area at the time of the alleged occurrence and the driver’s innocence was proven. There have been numerous occurrences where KL2’s systems have been used to defend against false allegations of damage, neglect and other incidences.

Actual verses planned activity

One of the most powerful tools KL2 offer is the link between TranSys our routing, scheduling and transport management package and GPS tracking. This link provides actual verses planned activity analysis. KL2’s systems can display planned routes as scheduled through TranSys and also show what actually happened. Planned routes are by their nature planned for a reason giving transport efficiencies, time on the bus advantages to clients and management advantages however there is always risk that drivers determine their own running order and routes. If a driver does choose a route of his own or chooses to swap the running order of pick-ups or drop offs, it will eliminate any efficiency or advantages planning systems introduce and may have adverse affects for the transport provider and for the client. Actual verses planned activity analysis shows exactly what should have happened against what did actually occur giving important information to aid KPI’s and the analysis to why things may be going wrong. This information is also essential in retraining as you can’t argue with the facts.

The system uses sensors connected to the doors of the vehicle and geo address markers in order to identify actual pick ups and drop offs ensuring that full time management audit trails can be recorded and exception reporting achieved showing problem areas.


The Fleet View Black Box system allows the possible optional connection of several communications mediums. These include: -
• Voice communications (hands free)
• In cab messaging
• Electronic job sheets
The system allows the connection of rugged, or standard PDA’s and/or purpose designed data terminals giving a range of solutions to meet the needs of a variety of applications.

In order to address your enquiry, please give KL2 a call and ask about our options and the possibilities of in vehicle communications.

SOS panic button Functionality

KL2 provide optional SOS functionality that allows vehicle operatives to raise alarms should they run into trouble. KL2’s Fleet View system can be fitted with an in vehicle SOS panic button as well as a personal SOS button. Users can press either button and the system will fire a warning message back to base alerting operatives of a problem.

The personal SOS button has a maximum range of 200 meters and consists of a small key fob and lanyard.

The SOS panic system has important health and safety loan working advantages that could rally make a difference to your field operatives.

Time Management, vehicle performance and reports

The Fleet View Black Box system provides full time management and vehicle performance functionality providing numerous reports allowing users to view important information simply and effortlessly. As KL2 design the software we have the ability to add reports should specialist reports be needed. Why not ask KL2 for a demonstration today and see first hand how we can benefit your organisation.

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